The preliminary plan for the clinic is to widen to other arias of the University’s community services.

  • The first aim is to make the clinic a model for modern dentistry in Ethiopia. The clinical work should be done according to high standards that are defined in Ethiopian standard documents but still not implemented in many setups.
  • Secondly, other Bahir Dar University Gotland Clinic can also host other specialties as general surgery, ENT or gynecology and more that does not require admission to wards.
  • Finally, the clinic shall apart from giving service to patients serve as platform for graduate Ethiopian doctors in clinical training in methods that is seldom provided in Ethiopia.

Gotland Clinic as an academic institution:
Newly qualified doctors in Ethiopia sometimes lack the practical skills due to absence of instruments and facilities during their undergraduate education as well as during their work as qualified doctors. Gotland Clinic can serve as an educational facility where qualified doctors can receive additional training in practical dentistry. This educational part can develop into an academic Master’s Programme where the curriculum should especially include deep knowledge of modern dental techniques, materials and the use of them. Teachers can be collected from abroad coming to Bahir Dar or participate by telemedicine. This model may be expanded to other specialties