Samuel Assafa is CEO and owner of the clinic so far but the intention is to set up a limited company to run the planned specialist services. Samuel Assafa is by birth Ethiopian, by nationality Swedish, graduated from Karolinska Institute in 1975 and qualified as Oral Maxillofacial surgeon in 1995. Before coming to Sweden, he had studied Medicine in Austria, worked in Sweden from 1975 – 2005 out of which 8 years were spent in Zimbabwe as a doctor seconded to the Methodist Church where established a field clinic.

Hans Forsslund, previously Chief Executive Officer Public Dental Services Gotland Region, has also held positions as i.e. Senior Advisor at the Department of strategic business development at the Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm Sweden. He is also a qualified specialist in Oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Owners of the Ethiopian operation are the two founders, Samuel Assafa and Hans Forsslund.

The Swedish operation, mainly responsible for the recruitment of seconded specialists, the main will be governorer will be Hans Forsslund together with other volunteers.

The two founders.

The Clinic is licensed from the Federal Ministry of Health. As a Diaspora Investor, Samuel has received Investment License.

Board of Directors and Auditors
The two founders will serve on the Board and will be supplemented by general competence in management and financial services, Associate Professor Sune Tjernström, and specialist competence in computer science, MSc in Engineering Jonas Forsslund, CEO Forsslund Systems AB.

In the operational stage of the project, an Advisory Board will be established, consisting of experts in the relevant medical specialty areas, to advice on the needed competence levels of applicants to the rotational recruitment system.

Chartered accountants will be contracted in both countries, as required by relevant legislation.