The Network Model Clinic will have a clear stated mission and purpose, approved by the Ethiopian government. There are less than 6 professional in maxillofacial surgery and less than 300 dentists in the entire nation. There is no dental or maxillofacial surgeon in the Bahir Dar region.

The mission is to provide good Dental, Maxillofacial surgery, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) and different other medical specialties service to the region. Out of the city’s 275,000 inhabitants, some 20,000 are expected to be able to afford the costs of specialized treatment, a figure roughly equivalent to the stock of patients for two health care centers in Sweden. A considerable number of prospective patients are regularly sent to the capital or abroad for specialist treatment in the areas under consideration for this project.

  1. The plan involves the employment of native doctors in dentistry, oral surgery, general surgery, gynecology and pediatrics.
  2. In addition to that, several doctors from Sweden will serve on a rotational basis, partly on a voluntary basis, for longer and shorter periods and will train junior Ethiopian doctors who in due to time will substitute the seniors.
  3. The overall profit will be used for medical help for underprivileged children and women in the area.

Based on regular hired Ethiopian doctors, the revenue is to be generated from patients coming to scheduled appointments in the afternoons paying regular fees, and underprivileged patients coming in mornings paying a small fee.This revenue will cover all the costs. The volunteers will have their traveling and living costs covered from patient fees on the same premissis.

The business concept could be related to other similar efforts in the medical arena, such as Medicines sans frontières, active in war zones or disaster areas and thus not directly involved in regular specialist medical services such as the activities of this project. Another example of a network approach to serving medical needs in developing countries is the Rotary-affiliated American non-profit Rotaplast International .

To handle administrative tasks in connection with the recruitment of Swedish specialists, an organization will be set up, possibly in the form of a limited company or other suitable form of non-profit organization, run by Hans Forsslund. Many Swedish specialists have been contacted, and some have already paid visits to the region. Based on this experience, no problems are foreseen in the rotational recruitment system that the business concept is founded on.

A later stage in the development of the project may include the recruitment of specialists to be seconded from other, mainly European countries.