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BahirDar en

Bahir Dar är en stad i norra Etiopien ca 50 mil från Addis Abeba.




Ligger vid Tana sjön som är ett av nilens källflöden.


Några uppgifter om Etiopien


84 milj.

Area: 1,126,829 km2 the world's 27th-largest country. 2.5 times Sweden

90 individual languages spoken in Ethiopia. Most belong to the Afro-Asiatic language family, mainly of the Cushitic and Semitic branches. Languages from the Nilo-Saharan phylum are also spoken by the nation's Nilotic ethnic minorities.

Oromigna 33.8%
Amharic  29.33% (official language)
Somali 6.25%
Tigrinya 5.86%
Sidamo 4.84%
Wolaytta 2.21%
Gurage 2.01%;[3]
Afar 1.74%
Widely-spoken foreign languages include Arabic and English (major foreign language taught in schools).


Coordinates 11°35'40.33"N  37°23'21.10"E or decimally 11.594535° N 37.389196° E

Bahirdarlocation.jpg Wikipedia

Air view over Bahir Dar Picture: Wikipedia

Bahir Dar on Google Earth. At the yellow "needle" closest to the lake is the current clinic. Southwest of that lies the new clinic building.

The new clinic on Google Earth. The building is clearly visible measures approximately 25 x 25 meters.

Click the link, download a Gogle Earth location file. Once you download it and you click on it you the "fly" to the location if you have Google Earth installed.

The Gotland Clinic.kmz


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