The main reason for the journey was to install medical equipment we had sent from Sweden last December and that had
arrived during the summer.

DSC 1385

I arrived in the end of the rainy period and the thunder storms were so heavy that the airplane had to return to Addis Abeba
before we later could return to Bahir Dar

DSC 1419

The equipments were taken from the container and in normal ethiopian way you have people to sequre the load on the lorry.
No strings here.

DSC 1443

 The heavy parts had to be carried up the stairs.

DSC 1456

Rats had built a home in the equipment but luckily, the electronics were ok.

DSC 1460

The mechanics cleaned after almost a year "on the way".

DSC 1400


DSC 1470 always some surgery has to be done

DSC 1476

The installation needed to be done in a way that a thicker wall could be built later to stop x-ray to penetrate to the next room.

DSC 1479

All the electronics were reconnected and checked

DSC 1518

Now the panoramic digictal x-ray unit can serve. It is the only of its kind in Ethiopia. Dr Kassaw reads the instructionbook.

DSC 1542

Here the "new" ear microscope is installed and the digital intra oral x-ray system in place.

Just in time before the visit was ended Hans managed to install the digital x-ray and some other equipments so you can say that the mission was completed.